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Weber propane gas barbecue

We've got the best gas grills on the market with models from all the top manufacturers including Weber, Coleman, Char-Broil, Camco, Magma, Brinkmann and more. We stock gas grills at all price points so you can find the perfect grill for you.
If you are only interested in grilling hamburgers or steaks, any of the cheaper grills will do the job. Many of the higher-end grills have additional features such as side burners and rotisseries.

Coleman 9949-750 Road Trip Grill, Red

Coleman 9949-750 Road Trip Grill, Red
Take the convenience, efficiency, and versatility of the household barbecue grill on the road this summer with the clever Roadtrip Grill LXE from Coleman. Whereas other portable liquid propane grills are petite and tabletop in design, the Roadtrip LXE is a full-size grill with collapsible scissor legs for countertops or travel. This 36-inch grill features 285 square inches of cooking space, ideal for toting to the beach or just into the driveway a small block party (more...)

Brinkmann 815-3795-0 Gas Camping Stove with Dual Burner, Black

Brinkmann 815-3795-0 Gas Camping Stove with Dual Burner, Black
Just perfect for camping or simply for cooking out in the backyard with family and friends, this gas camping stove features two cast-iron burners that deliver 35,000 BTUs of heat. Simply hook the portable stove up to a standard 20-pound propane tank (not included), and adjust the heat for the two burners by turning the individual control knobs. To ignite the first burner, strike and place a long wooden match through the lighting hole or through the openings in the cooking grill (more...)

Portable Gas Grill 10000 BTU

Portable Gas Grill 10000 BTU

Get this grill while supplies last!!! Great Gift Idea!

Connect a 1lb disposable cylinder to this unit and grill away. See our other items for a conversion hose to connect larger tanks.

Small and Portable - legs are removable after use

Connects to diposable 1lb propane canisters
Has it's own regulator
10,000 BTU Heat Output
Porcelain Baked Portable LP Gas
Black Tabletop Gas Grill
Fold Away Warming Rack
190 Square Inches of Cooking Area
Stainless Steel (more...)

Weber 396002 Q 200 Gas Grill

Weber 396002 Q 200 Gas Grill
The Weber Q 200 gas grill has a push-button ignition for easy, reliable lighting, an infinitely adjustable burner valve with a high-quality regulator, 2 durable Tuck-Away work tables with built-in tool holders (tools sold separately) which conveniently fold and store inside the grill, sturdy glass-reinforced nylon grill frame, cast aluminum lid and body, removable catch pan, a large weather-resistant lid handle, a porcelain-enameled cast-iron cooking grate, and (more...)

Char-Broil Patio Caddie Gas Grill

Char-Broil  Patio Caddie Gas Grill
For apartment dwellers with limited outdoor space, Char-Broil created their Patio Caddie grills. Compact yet efficient, the propane grill offers 187 square inches of cooking space, ideal for small households or as a vacation home grill. Activated by a push-button electronic ignition, a 10,000 BTU burner roasts mesquite chicken or a half-dozen bratwurst. The freestanding grill's body features porcelain-steel construction that resists rusting. Equipped with heavy-ga (more...)

Weber Summit S-420 LP Gas Grill – Stainless Steel

Weber Summit S-420 LP Gas Grill - Stainless Steel

Weber Summit, S-420 LP Gas Grill, Stainless Steel, Features Stainless Steel Enclosed Cart & Chrome Plated Cast Aluminum Handles, With Accent Colored Painted Steel Frame, Stainless Steel Shroud With Polished Handle & Trim, Center Mounted Thermometer & Accent Colored, Cast Aluminum End Caps, Cooking System Rated At 48,000 BTUs, Plus 12,000 BTU Per HR Input Flush Mount Side Burner, Includes 4 Stainless Steel Burners, Snap Jet Individual Burner Ignition System, 3/8"D Stainless Steel Ro (more...)

Weber 7519 Gas Grill Rotisserie

Weber 7519 Gas Grill Rotisserie
The Weber gas grill rotisserie fits the E-300 and S- Series gas grills.

Weber, Gas Grill Rotisserie, Includes A Heavy Duty Electric Motor, Fits Genesis E-310, Genesis EP-310, Genesis S-310, Genesis E-320, Genesis Ep-320 & Genesis S-320 Gas Grills, On/Off Switch, Wood Rod Handle & Counterbalance For Smooth Turning & Less Motor Wear


Magma Newport Gourmet Series Gas Grill

Magma Newport Gourmet Series Gas Grill

Newport, Gourmet Series Gas Grill


Weber 1520 Propane Gas Go-Anywhere Grill

Weber 1520 Propane Gas Go-Anywhere Grill
Weber's Go-Anywhere gas grill adds convenience to the fun of camping and tailgating. This compact unit has a surprisingly generous grilling area--large enough to fit four medium steaks. The push-button ignition system makes lighting the fire easier than ever, and the patented heat-distributing Flavorizer bar ensures that your food cooks evenly and efficiently every time. You can lock the lid into place with the pivoting legs and carry this lightweight grill aroun (more...)

Camco 57301 Olympian RV 4100 Tabletop Grill

Camco 57301 Olympian RV 4100 Tabletop Grill

Camco Olympian RV 4100 Tabletop Grill is designed for RV and outdoor uses. This high quality heavy duty cast aluminum barbecue increases flavor without flare-ups. It has a patented smoker plate which is designed to offer the fullest flavor while minimizing grease fires. This grill is quick and easy to assemble. It uses standard commercial or disposable LP cylinders. 20-1/2 inch width x 17-1/2 in diameter x 8-1/2 inch in height.


Weber 586002 Q 320 Portable Outdoor Gas Grill

Weber 586002 Q 320 Portable Outdoor Gas Grill
Cook up to 18 burgers, 36 hot dogs, or 2 whole chickens at a time with this portable gas grill. The unit features dual stainless-steel burners, a 21,700 BTU-per-hour input, and 462 square inches of total cooking space, plus a 69-square-inch warming rack for heating up buns or keeping already cooked food warm. The grill electronically ignites at the push of a button for easy, reliable lighting, and its infinitely adjustable burner valve with a high-quality regulator makes (more...)

Napoleon Prestige V Gas Grill PF450 «

Napoleon Prestige V Gas Grill PF450

Canadian-based company Napoleon has launched another of its Gourmet Grills series, the Napoleon Prestige V Gas Grill PF450 with astonishing functionalities.

There is nothing you can’t cook on this grill. you get a high heat output infrared searing burner, full rotisserie system with rear mounted infrared burner and two powerful side burners mounted on the cart.

Boasting a spacious and exceptional structure, the $4,500 USD product is considered one of the finest grills in the market especially for consumers who can afford.

Pros •Standard-sized and infrared-instilled main burners

•The product comes with rotisserie attachments with rear mounted infrared rotisserie burner

•304 stainless steel burners that are designed to withstand hard use or wear

•Large cooking area.

•excellent components.

. Cons •There is no cover on the dual side burner.

Description •two 14,000 BTU stainless steel main burners plus one 14,000 BTU main infrared burner.

•overall cooking area of about 882 square inches

•two 12,500 BTU side burners on cart.

•A 13,500 BTU rear mounted infrared-instilled rotisserie burner with packed rotisserie mechanism included in the Napoleon Prestige V (PF450) Gas Grill

•Easy lift roll top lid.

•Built-in halogen grilling lights.

304 structure made with anti-corrosive steel

•Electronic ignition (battery included).

•Optional charcoal tray available for charcoal grilling.

•Solid brass control valves with insect protected venturi tubes.

. Guide ReviewNapoleon Prestige V (PF450) Gas GrillFrom Napoleon’s Gourmet Grills series comes the Napoleon Prestige V (PF450) Gas Grill that integrates every cooking needs in one product.

Restaurant-worth steaks can be produced with its spacious roasting area, while ideal for white meat or roasts is the packed utility rotisserie structure and the double piece burner unit which works like a top notch cook surface.

The high quality 304 stainless steel is thick and hand crafted.

The main body of this grill has two standard 14,000 BTU burners for grilling most everything.

Within the span of a couple of minutes, 14,000 BTU infrared emission burner, in support of extreme scorching capability, ensures that you get ideal steaks every time you use the product.

Control valves that are made of brass are machinated to provide users with very low settings. Additionally, the product features a pilot light that will illuminate each burner with just a flip of the gauge.  this functionality also serves as a security apparatus to prevent the burners going on low in excessive breeze.

Along with almost the entire package you obtain an optimized lid for simple opening, built in lighting fixtures during grilling in the dark, durable stainless steel grilling grates, and also the accessibility to install a charcoal receptacle for classic charcoal grilling.

One factor to consider is the lack of cover for the grill’s side burners, which will not likely be a major set-back nevertheless it does leaves your side burners out in the downpour while you have food on the skewer

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BBQ Vs Grilling – What’s the Difference?

Most people don't really know the difference between BBQ and grilling. when they throw a BBQ party or get invited to a BBQ cookout, they picture a jolly good time cooking steaks, sausages, chicken wings, sweet corns, marshmallows, potatoes or other items over a grill. well, they have been using the wrong term all along. Strictly speaking, it will be more accurate to say that they are actually throwing a grilling party rather than a BBQ party. Let's take a look at some of the differences between BBQ and grilling.

Generally, you can think of grilling as fast cooking done at a high temperature. when people talk about a BBQ party, this is the style of cooking which is usually used. The food is cooked over a grill with direct heat from the fire. whether you are using a gas grill or a conventional grill with charcoal, the food is cooked very near to the source of heat so it's quite likely that charring occurs. On the other hand, BBQ is usually typified by slow cooking which is done at a lower temperature. in a real barbeque, the food is cooked with an indirect source of heat.

In relation to the source of heat is the time of cooking. As explained earlier, the time taken to grill your food is real fast because the food is cooked directly by the heat source. For this reason, seasoned grillers will know that the best meats to use for grilling are the expensive and high grade cuts of meat. when these types of meat are cooked over an open flame, they can be cooked in a very short time. Typically, the outside of the meats will be seared but you can be sure that the juices are locked within, promising a most sumptuous meal. when you are talking about real BBQ, the time taken is a minimum of a few hours, and there are instances when the meats are cooked several days. You may hear BBQ lovers talking about low and slow and you know why when you learn about the time of cooking. in a typical barbeque, the tougher cuts of meat which are less expensive are used. when these meats are cooked with low heat over a longer period of time, they turn tender while the juices are retained.

In grilling, it's quite impossible that you will enjoy any flavor which is derived from the source of heat. Generally, grilled meats taste flavorful simply because people use the choicest cuts for this style of cooking. in comparison, barbecued meats taste entirely different from grilled meats because they fully absorb the smoky flavor of the source of heat. there are various types of wood which can be used for barbecues, giving the meats a distinctive flavor which cannot be duplicated.

Now that you know the difference between BBQ and grilling, make sure you use the right terms when you are organizing a grilling or BBQ party in the future

Why Does That Char Broil Grilled Meat Taste So Good?

Grilling has been around since pre-historic times. it is best described as a method of cooking with the use of dry heat. this heat is generated in many ways; using charcoal, hard woods, gas flame, and electric heat.

The word grill comes from the metal wire grid or rack on which the food is prepared and cooked. while grilling above a dry heat source is commonplace, it can also be done below the heat source. When food is grilled below the heat source in this manner, it's called broiling. When you char broil grill, it usually involves cooking with charcoal.

So why is this form of cooking foods so popular? one reason is the atmosphere of the barbeque; another more primary reason is taste. Grilled foods, meats in particular, have a distinct taste and aroma. this is due largely to a chemical reaction called the Maillard reaction.

The Maillard reaction is a form of non-enzymatic browning similar to caramelization and occurs whenever meats are cooked using temperatures in excess of 310 degrees farenheit (156 degrees celcius). Meats cooked on a grill generally reach temperatures in excess of 500 degrees farenheit (260 degrees celcius).

There is a very long and drawn out description of this reaction but I will humbly attempt to provide you with a more understandable version.

The mouth-watering odors and aromas you inhale at any given barbeque are the result of a reaction between amino acids and sugars. The type of amino acid present determines the resulting flavor. hence, when you add your favorite flavored sauce to meats, it produces an aroma consistent with what's on the sauce or seasoning label.

Flavor scientists (called flavorists) know which ingredients contain the right amino acids needed to create a artificial flavors. now when you add those sauces and seasonings to your meats, you get the desired taste and aroma.

Walk into any supermarket and you will find hundreds of different barbeque flavorings, sauces and seasonings that will yield an equal number of flavors. They range from Asian Sesame to Ginger Wasabi to Sweet Chipotle and thousands more.

Now, gear up for summer, get your char broil grill set up and select a good quality outdoor grill. Then you can start experimenting with wide selection of barbeque condiments; or maybe even develop your own unique flavor.

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